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Tape Y2K Compliance

The PAI/O Driver for Tape is Year 2000 compliant subject to the following caveats. As an application program, PAI/O Driver for Tape is dependent on the underlying support of the OS/390 operating system and its related components (e.g., DFSMS and RMF) to provide date functions which support year 2000 compliant date formats.

In the event that IBM does not properly implement these functions, Performance Associates cannot provide you with modifications for z/OS or OS/390 or its related components. In addition, IBM may require customers to employ specific levels of z/OS or OS/390 or related program products to ensure proper support.

In the same fashion, the PAI/O Driver for Tape is dependent on SAS and MXG for post processing. Once again, Performance Associates cannot provide fixes or modifications for SAS or MXG products to ensure correct operation.

Assuming that you have installed Year 2000 compliant levels of z/OS, SAS, MXG, RMF, and other program products, the PAI/O Driver for Tape will function in a correct manner.